OnkolVet Clinic

OnkolVet Clinic serves a specialist service for small animals in the field of veterinary oncology. The clinic also provides service in the following veterinary fields: soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, diagnostic imaging, clinical pathology.

A little bit about myself…

My name is Aleksandra Marcinowska and I am a veterinary surgeon and founder/ owner of OnkolVet Clinic. People call me Ola.

I graduated in 2005 in Warsaw, Poland. Straight after graduation I moved to Germany where I worked in both private referral clinic and the university hospital. After completion of a one year rotating internship at VRCC, UK (currently known as Southfields Veterinary Specialists), the following few years I worked as a junior clinician and small animal veterinarian at VRCC and small animal clinics in north London. In 2014 I completed with Merit a Master Degree in Medical Oncology at the University of Nottingham. In July 2012, I started working as Junior Clinical Veterinarian in Oncology at the University of Cambridge and in 2016 I completed the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine- Companion Animals (ECVIM-CA) Residency in Medical Oncology (Senior Clinical Training Scholarship) under the supervision of Dr Jane Dobson at the University of Cambridge, UK. Since completion of the Residency I worked in small animal referral centers in the UK and Switzerland as an oncology clinician, as well as a teacher/ lecturer of the Oncology Faculty to the fifth year veterinary students in Wroclaw Agricultural University, Poland. In my last position as a clinical oncologist at the University of Cambridge, my main responsibilities were dealing with medical and radiation oncology patients, supervision of junior veterinary staff as well as some research work.

Aleksandra Marcinowska lekarz weterynarii oraz właściciel Przychodni OnkolVet

I am an author in both national and international publications.

I actively participate in national and international conferences, both as a speaker and part of a wider audience.

My main interests lay in clinical and radiation oncology, both in animals and people. I find tumour immunology, radiation treatment and the use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in various tumour types very interesting. For me, patient quality of life and honest and sincere communication with the client, client education are the most important aspects of my work.

The project and development of OnkolVet Clinic is sort of a culmination of my veterinary experience and knowledge I have gained over the past years which I wish to share with you.

Privately, mum to my teenage son, Maks and three dogs: Likier, Aśka and Emilka. I enjoy an active form of relaxation, such as: swimming, skiing, traveling and visiting my friends.

Sincere welcome!