Diagnostic imaging (Ultrasound, X-rays, CT)

This field of veterinary medicine is auxillary and complementary to all the other ones previously mentioned. In our Clinic we offer a very specialised digital, direct radiography X-ray unit which minimizes the exposure time both for our patients as well as the members of staff.

Ultrasonographic examination of your pet can be caried out by any member of our staff however on some occasion we may discuss with you an ultrasound examination of your pet performed by an imaging specialist.

Ultrasonographic examination is very useful in the following:

  • assessment of pretty much all internal (abdominal) organs, such as: the liver, spleen, kidneys, etc
  • sampling of any of the aforementioned organs
  • assessment of the cutaneous as well as subcutaneous structures
  • assessment of the structures in the neck (i.e.: thyroid gland)
  • assessment of the cryptorchid testicles
  • assessment of the muscles, ligaments and even bones

Radiography (X-ray) is a very useful imaging method in:

  • the assessment of the thorax (i.e.: heart shape, size; lung fields, pathology within the lung fields, etc)
  • assessment of the abdominal cavity (i.e.: gastric dilation volvulus, gastro-intestinal foreign bodies, kidney and/or bladder stones)
  • assessment of appendicular and auxillary