Internal medicine

This is the broadest and most comprehensive field in veterinary medicine. It is associated with investigations and identifications of a medical problem in order to obtain a final diagnosis of the symptoms the animals are presented to us with. The key elements in establishing the correct diagnosis are the thorough anamnesis regarding the full clinical history, clinical examination of the patient and suggestions of adequate and most suited diagnostic tests (i.e.: blood/ urine/ feacal analysis, ultrasound examination, X-rays, etc).

In our clinic we try our best to diagnose your pet as accurately and promptly as possible. However, please bear in mind that sometimes some animals will present in a very unusual way and/ or with very unusual symptoms. In such cases, the length of time spent trying to obtain the diagnosis and implement the treatment may be much longer, and the number of the tests required to confirm the final diagnosis will be higher than in a „simple presentation” case. Also, on very rare occasions, it will not be possible to obtain the final diagnosis despite all the hard work we put in getting it for you and your pet.

In cases where we think your pet might benefit from a specialist opinion (i.e.: cardiologist, neurologist, opthalmologist, etc) , this will be discussed with you and can be arranged by us when/if required.

lekarz weterynarz Aleksandra Marcinowska w towarzystwie pięknej kotki Penelopy