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OnkolVet Clinic

We specialise in veterinary oncology

The OnkolVet Clinic Aleksandra Marcinowska was founded at the end of 2019. This project is sort of a culmination of Ola’s veterinary experience and knowledge she has gained over the past years which she would like to share with you.

The main priorities of the OnkolVet staff are to ensure professional care and support to its pupils/pets and their “owners” as well as an empathetic approach to each individual. These are to ascertain the highest level of comfort and wellbeing of our patients and clients. In our purpose built clinic, in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, we provide you with a reliable and professional service. Each patient is approached and treated as an individual, diagnostic tests are discussed with you and tailored accurately to be useful and suit your pet. Our Clinic is equipped with a specialized equipment which allows a prompt and correct diagnosis. We believe that by choosing our clinic you will be provided with a veterinary service at its highest level.

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Przychodnia weterynaryjna OnkolVet



Complete oncology diagnostics, treatment, including: chemotherapy, surgical oncology, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and long-term management of oncologic patients


Wide range of surgical procedures, including soft tissue operations (abdominal, thoracic cavities), orthopaedics, ophthalmic, etc. All surgical procedures need to be booked in advance please

Internal medicine

Complete diagnostic services of medical cases (endocrinology, infectious, hormonal, etc), treatment and long-term management


Echosonography, echocardiography, thoracic X-rays, survey cardiac examination, diagnostics of cardiologic birth defects, diagnostics of acquired cardiac diseases


Dermatology diagnostics, including: skin scrapes, skin biopsies, bacteriological testing, etc


Fundic examination, measurement of intraocular pressure, ophthalmic surgery, entropion correction, “cherry eye” correction, etc

Laboratory diagnostics

Haematology, biochemistry, hormonal testing, infectious disease testing, urinalysis, faecal analysis, cytological examination, histopathological examination, bacteriological testing, etc


USG, X-rays, EKG, possibility to arrange computed tomography (CT) examination


Vaccinations, deworming, protection against ectoparasites


Tartar removal, scale and polish, teeth extractions, treatment of periodontal disease, dentistry of small rodents

Our specialty is small animal veterinary oncology

Please come and see us for a consubltation. We will discuss all the possible diagnostic and treatment options and choose the most suitable one for your pet and you.

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