It is always better to prevent than treat. Preventive medicine is a series of activities aimed at preventing the developement of diseases, their early detection and treatment.

We are able to prevent our canine and feline companions from most of dangerous and life-threatening infectious diseases and endo-/ectoparasites simply by vaccinating and de-worming them.

In OnkolVet Clinic we offer:

  • full vaccination course for puppies, kittens, rabbits as well as yearly boosters for adult dogs, cats and rabbits
  • ectoparasite prevention (i.e.: fleas and ticks). We offer various products protecting our small furry babies against these insects which can prevent them from catching many diseases transmitted by them, such as: babesiosis
  • endoparasite prevention (i.e.: tapeworms, hookworms)
  • preventive and routine blood, urine, faecal examinations
  • peventive dental examinations
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