We offer a wide range of surgical procedures in our clinic.

We have a dedicated operating theater equipped in an inhalation anaesthetic machine and cardiomonitor to monitor the depth of general anaesthesia during the procedures. Operations are performed by our veterinary surgery specialist whose excellent practical skills, many years of clinical experience as well as her passion for surgery allow for the smooth and prompt completion of the procedures, therefore minimizing the overall anaesthetic and surgical time and allowing the patients quick recoveries and home discharges. An important part of the surgical procedure is an appropriate pain control prior, during and after the operation. All OnkolVet clinicians take great care to make sure each patient is assessed before, during and after the procedure and pain relief is adjusted accordingly.

Before the operation, in particular in our geriatric patients, we may advise some additional tests, such as: blood test, urinalysis, ultrasound, X-rays, etc. The reason for doing these is to rule in or out some hidden problems (=comorbidities) which may have a negative impact on the patient during the general anaesthesia and surgical procedure.

In our clinic we perform the following procedures:

  • Neutering of dogs, cats, rabbits
  • Surgeries on the uro-genital tract
  • Surgeries on the gastrointestial tract
  • Opthalmic (eye) surgeries
  • Oncological surgeries
  • Orthopaedic surgeries

As in oncological patients, surgical procedures in our small furries can be a source of stress and anxiety for their owners. Therefore in order to minimize this, all the steps proceding the surgical procedure, as well as the aftercare, are discussed with you in detail before the operation. At the time of discharge, each patient is sent home with a „discharge note” containing all the necessary information, description of the procedures performed as well as recommendations for the future appointments.

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